I'm an author of children and young adult books. At the time of writing (10 June 2012) I've got picture books, a fantasy novel for newly confident readers, a series of novels for tweens (Toni's Flibble Wibble, Toni is Betterified and Toni at Havversford) and a young adult novel (Speckles' Diary) that I'm still writing and I'll be donating all the money from the sale of this book to the Dogs Trust.

I'm also taking a course with the Writer's Bureau that has helped me to expand my writing a lot - I've now finished that course so I've decided to take another course with Oxford Open Learning. I'm looking for an agent who is willing to do a bit of hand-holding until I know what happens with publishing books!

If you're an agent that doesn't mind holding my hand then I would love to hear from you!

I like having a face to put to a name, so my husband took a cheeky photo of me on 15th September 2012 when I was with my mum - I don't usually poke my tongue out at people I don't know but this is me!

This is a more up-to-date photo of me... don't expect regular photo's of me though, I hate having my picture taken! lol