I'm an author of children and young adult books. At the time of writing (10 June 2012) I've got picture books, a fantasy novel for newly confident readers, a series of novels for tweens (Toni's Flibble Wibble, Toni is Betterified and Toni at Havversford) and a young adult novel (Speckles' Diary) that I'm still writing and I'll be donating all the money from the sale of this book to the Dogs Trust.

I'm also taking a course with the Writer's Bureau that has helped me to expand my writing a lot - I've now finished that course so I've decided to take another course with Oxford Open Learning. I'm looking for an agent who is willing to do a bit of hand-holding until I know what happens with publishing books!

You can see my LinkedIn profile here and there's a FaceBook group here that you can join for free if you want to as well?

If you're an agent that doesn't mind holding my hand then I would love to hear from you!

I like having a face to put to a name, so my husband took a cheeky photo of me on 15th September 2012 when I was with my mum - I don't usually poke my tongue out at people I don't know but this is me!

This is a more up-to-date photo of me... don't expect regular photo's of me though, I hate having my picture taken! lol

Just gone to get me new glasses and figured I'd punish you all with another shot, considering the previous one was last year... this is me with me new tortoise-shell glasses looking demented!