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Library Lady's blog
Mr B reads

Alice Hemmingway, children's author

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I know Julie from SCBWI where we are both members

I know Clare from SCBWI too!

 and   and 
The above 3 books are all by Dom from SCBWI!

The above 2 books are by Kerry from, you guessed it, SCBWI!

Is by Susan Navas from, you guessed right, SCBWI!

Is by Lindsay Littleson who is also a member of SCBWI

are both illustrated by Garry Vaux - an illustrator from SCBWI

by another SCBWI member, Angela Russell

a teen/young adult novel by Morag Macrae, wanna guess how I know her? lol

by another SCBWI member, Natalie Yates!

 and   and 
By Tracey who is a SCBWI member too!

By Katie Dale who, you guessed it, is from SCBWI as well!

By Anna Mainwaring... do I need to tell you where I know her from? lol

By Moira McPartlin... another SCBWI member!

 and   and   and 

 and   and   and 

 and   and   and   and 
All these books are by a very creative SCBWI member called Judy!

This book is by Alison Gardiner who is also a SCBWI member!

 and   and 
Written by Pamela E Currie and illustrated by Fiona Odle

Both written by Jaye Seymour from SCBWI

for the paperback version, <-- out on October 22 2015  or  for the Kindle version

Written by another SCBWI member, Christi J. Whitney