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The first ever survey I've created is here

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Survey for men only... totally anonymous because it's an embarrassing subject about weeing standing up - Amanda really needs your help with this though!

Should I put a brag book on the site?
Yes - a moderated open blog available for everyone to post in
Yes - a webpage open to everyone
Yes - a moderated members only blog
Yes - an unmoderated members only blog
Yes - a members only page

Amanda needs your feedback on the site here!

I'm thinking of adding a service to my site that I beta-read/crit a children's novel manuscript for 1p per word. Picture books would be £1 for everyone because they are so short. Should I make it publicly available to all visitors to my site or just for members or both?
Available to everyone at 1p per word
Available to members only at 1p per 100 words
Available to everyone at 1p per word AND members at 1p per 100 words
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